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  • Cat System The Emperor is a Cat Lover

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Cat System The Emperor is a Cat Lover summary:

The cat lover teenager Meng Changji travels through truck kun! and is bound by a cat system in a parallel world. What is the cat system? I have a big giant kitty as a system! the cat system uses the road not taken! It is the practice that does not take the usual path! When you are kidnapped, other people are looking for opportunities to escape, but this young master walks away while he slaps you right up in the face! haha!. When this Emperor meets a pretty girl for a competition invitation, others used male chauvinistic ways and strength to conquer her, and this young master…this young master acts like a cat really oh..I’m so weak.. Of course, it’s important to hold her thighs if she’s stronger! Strong waifu is the best waifu! don’t you know this?! This Emperor does not practice according to the routine, harvests the cultivation value like a miser. By the way..did this Emperor mention I might be the future god of the cat too? eh..just a hunch. Ahh..cats are so cute. I just wanna pet them all day! Ahhh!!! my System is a CAT!!! this is life! thank you Cat God!
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Chapter 20 3,152 Feb-27-21
Chapter 19 4,177 Feb-18-21
Chapter 18 3,875 Feb-18-21
Chapter 17 4,727 Feb-16-21
Chapter 16 4,805 Feb-15-21
Chapter 15 4,449 Feb-15-21
Chapter 14 6,044 Feb-02-21
Chapter 13 5,310 Jan-22-21
Chapter 12 5,384 Jan-21-21
Chapter 11 5,675 Jan-17-21
Chapter 10 7,996 Jan-08-21
Chapter 9 7,411 Jan-08-21
Chapter 8 8,901 Jan-06-21
Chapter 7 8,950 Dec-31-20
Chapter 6 8,293 Dec-22-20
Chapter 5 8,448 Dec-19-20
Chapter 4 9,740 Dec-07-20
Chapter 3 9,932 Dec-07-20
Chapter 2 9,809 Dec-07-20
Chapter 1 12,778 Dec-07-20

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